About Us



What initially started out as a casual conversation between family and a few close friends in the summer of 2018, quickly grew into an avid determination to build a lifestyle brand around our interests, activities, and love for the outdoors.

Established at the beginning of 2019, Revolution Manufacturing was born from the desire to spend our time doing something that we were truly passionate about and having the freedom to do it the way we believe it should be done.

We are committed to providing our customers with the highest standard of excellence in everything we design, print, manufacture, and put our name on, no exceptions.  Our mission is to make our name synonymous with innovative design, superior workmanship, exceptional quality, and inspirational patriotism.

The Revolution Manufacturing team is a hard-working group of individuals dedicated to the vision of our brand. Collectively, we are skilled tradesmen/women, military veterans, artists, photographers, designers, entrepreneurs, and innovators. We hunt, we fish, we camp, we hike, and we love our country. We respect our flag and what it stands for. We respect and support the men and women who protect our freedom abroad and the men and women who protect us at home. We believe in building something we can be proud of, teaching our children the same values our parents taught us, and never giving up on your dreams.

Coming Soon! Featuring articles on everything from outdoor activities, disaster preparedness, personal protection, first aid, and more...